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Releases are officially managed on github.

Github is the authoritative list, this list is provided for reference.

Release 5.8.0

Changes since 5.7.1

Release 5.7.1

Changes since 5.7.0

Release 5.7.0

Changes since 5.6.0

Release 5.6.0

Changes since 5.5.1

Release 5.5.1

Changes since 5.5.0

Release 5.5.0

Changes since 5.4.0

Release 5.4.0

Changes since 5.3.1

Release 5.3.1

Changes since 5.3.0

Release 5.3.0

Note, with this version the C++11 version of ChaiScript has become the official version, and the boost version of ChaiScript will see very little if any future development.

Changes since 5.2.0

Release 4.3.0

Note: this is scheduled to be the last release that requires boost, new releases after this will require a C++11 compiler. Changes since 4.2.0